MSME Covid-19 Support

MSME Covid-19 Support
COVID-19 is impacting the world at large and as a small business owner, you may be have several concerns;
  • Managing business environment uncertainties
  • Understanding current Business Realities
  • Coping mechanisms during the pandemic
  • Is there anything one can do to avoid making painful decisions related to business?

These are genuine concerns to have as a business owner; how you will overcome and keep going as an SME

Annabell W. Kanguru, Corporate Training & Business Management Consultant, Psycho-social Support Centre PSC )oopenspace
With over ten year’s track record and specialty in Corporate Trainings; Capacity Building Mentorships, Incubation and Coaching programs that are focused toward Professionalization and Corporatization for the youth, SMEs, and the vulnerable. In addition; Curriculum development and Team building. End goal - transforming the Corporate Space and businesses to the next level.

Engaged in partnerships that cut across (and not limited to) the GoK; Corporates; NGO’s and private firms. Among others; Kenya Bankers Association; Kenya Institute of Management; Kenya Association of Manufacturers; Gertrude Children’s Hospital National Bank of Kenya, Diamond Trust of Kenya; Equity Bank of Kenya ;; Career Directions; UAP-Old Mutual; Minet Kenya; (HIVOS) Kenya Biogas Program .

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Psychosocial Support Matters

"Words of comfort skillfully administered are the oldest therapy known to man. ~Louis Nizer"

“Always remember that for every patient you see, you may be the only person in their life capable of hearing and holding their pain. If that’s not sacred, I don’t know what is.” - Unknown